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Whether you are planning a seminar or an entire convention, you will find SpeakersNet to be a valuable resource for effective meetings. Below, you will find descriptions of some of our popular panel discussion topics.

For additional information about the Greater Baltimore Committee and its mission, follow our link to GBC.org.

You may download forms below that help you let us know about your upcoming events, desired topics and speakers.

Download the Event Profile and Speaker Request Forms:
  1. Select a link to download desired form(s) - a 'save file' dialog box will open
  2. Save each downloaded document in an appropriate directory on your computer
  3. Open the documents in your word processor
    1. Fill in the information
    2. Save each request document with a new name
    3. E-mail the completed forms as attached files to SpeakersNet
    4. For multiple Speaker Requests, use a separate document for each event on your program
      (i.e., request1.doc, request2.doc, request3.doc, etc...)

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