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The Baltimore/Washington area is very special not only to those who call it home, but also to many of the millions of visitors who pass through each year. It is not uncommon for a visitor to be in awe of the majesty of the nation's capital the first time one lands at National Airport with Virginia and Maryland on either side of the Potomac and the beauty of national monuments in view all around. Spending time in the most powerful city in the world certainly makes an indelible impression. Of course, the spirit of Baltimore's renewed downtown area, including the Inner Harbor, Convention Center, and Stadiums, is itself a special monument to both the region's traditional and modern legacies. However, behind the vista known to millions there are treasures in culture, the arts, history, and the communities which are teeming with life. "Welcome to the Baltimore/Washington Corridor" is a guided tour of our region.

This presentation, tailored to whichever city is hosting your event, provides a leading member of our community as your welcome guide. Our presenters are the leaders of the corridor's business, social, and government communities who are involved in decision-making from classrooms to boardrooms to councils of state/national government. They invest their time and resources to shape the vision of our community and our nation. They will not only provide a welcome, but they will also detail some of the area's highlights that shouldn't be missed. Let us welcome your members to the Baltimore/Washington Corridor!

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