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Opportunities and Impacts

Whether in our homes or in our offices, we have all experienced the emergence and convergence of many new technologies. From the recent developments in improved health care to the dominance of the World Wide Web, the increased use and continued development of technology has dramatically transformed our lives. "Tech Trends: Opportunities and Impacts" will provide your audience with the opportunity to learn more about the latest developments from the people who are on the front lines of our nation's technological frontier.

Attendees will be able to interact with tech industry leaders, along with some of the people from behind the scenes, as they discuss and debate how new technologies are affecting industry. They will explore such topics as the commercialization of space, the reshaping of commerce through the homogenization of cultures, the impact of satellite-based communications, and the development of global-based education, just to name a few.

Highlighting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in an economy driven by technological change, these experts will share insights into how businesses in your industry can position themselves to benefit from tomorrow's technology today. "Tech Trends: Opportunities and Impacts" is now available for your next meeting or convention.


Presented in either a keynote or panel discussion format, "Tech Trends: Opportunities and Impacts" is tailored to the needs of your audience. The speakers are senior executives from leading technology firms from within the Baltimore/Washington Corridor, home to some of the nation's fastest growing tech firms, such as Sylvan Learning Systems, Group 1 Software, Nextel Communications and America Online.

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