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Successfully Leading from the “Middle”

 Managing the day-to-day operations in an organization is challenging, dynamic and full of opportunity!  When businesses grow, the activity level often increases while the staff levels remain the same.  In order to reach desired results, managers must spend time working in their business as well as on the business.  Managers who excel at achieving results through people and processes make the difference in achieving the bottom line.

Proven tools and techniques exist to help professionals navigate the white waters of management.

 Management Topics Include:

·        Coaching Employees

·        Managing Through Change

·        Performance Enhancement

·        Motivating Staff

·        Hiring & Recruitment

·        Team Building

·        Customer Service

 Proven speakers from the Baltimore/Washington Corridor are prepared to share their keen and valuable insights about success in management.  These presenters have actual track records of success as managers in leading companies.  They will help your attendees achieve superior results.

 Contact us today to insure that your next presentation on management principals is the most memorable yet!

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