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With the financial markets in uncharted territory, "Wall Street Wrap-Up" brings together a select group of Wall Street's most knowledgeable professionals to offer their insights and in-depth analysis of market trends affecting business leaders in your industry.  They will review and analyze the significant developments that have taken place and discuss what lies ahead.

This group of proven experts will explore the bigger picture, discussing and debating the outlook for domestic and international markets.  They will share their thinking on such topics as the direction of interest rates, corporate profits, changes in investors' perceptions, and trends in the economy.  They will also explore and explode some of the "Myths of Wall Street."

For more than 30 years, Baltimore Maryland Public Television has been the home of to one of PBS's most highly-rated programs, "Wall $treet Week."  Let your members listen and learn from the people who manage some of the largest pools of assets worldwide.  This is a unique opportunity for your attendees to meet and talk with the key insiders as they speak out.

The "Wall Street Wrap-Up" panel is now available for your next meeting or convention.

World-Wide Trends


"Wall Street Wrap-Up" brings you a powerful and informative panel of professionals and consultants from the financial services industry.  Led by a dynamic moderator, the panel consists of experts from four major areas: Banking, Money Management, Business Accounting and Management, and Financial Planning.  Your attendees will receive a highly informative, practical, and well-rounded view of the current issues that affect them.

In addition to the main panel presentation, all of the above panelists will be available for individual follow-up breakout sessions on designated topics.


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