Association members are demanding more from their conventions and meetings. Attendance is an investment of time and money, and attendees rightfully expect measurable returns. They want tangible ideas for immediate action, such as:

  • Insights on their industry, highlighting opportunities
  • Leading-edge concepts
  • Trends that affect their bottom line
  • Panel discussions that are stimulating, relevant, and enriching
  • Tools and ideas to implement today for results tomorrow

If you can provide what attendees want, you can be sure they will keep coming back for more next year.

Value is important to the meeting professional as well. A significant portion of your budget is committed to bringing in speakers for your program. SpeakersNet adds value by allowing you to draw upon local speaking talent, making efficient use of your budget. Consider the savings on travel and lodging expenses! What about commissions? SpeakersNet will customize a package of speakers for your audience's information needs; this service is provided at no charge to planners or speakers. Meeting professionals negotiate fees directly with the speakers, translating into lower speaking fees. SNet means getting the maximum return on your investment.