A 'Smart' meeting is information-rich. It covers leading-edge topics. It gives your attendees information they can use right now. It leaves them satisfied that the time and money was well invested. And, hosting a 'Smart' meeting means succeeding even on a tight budget. One factor is certain: The demand for 'Smart' meetings is escalating! How will you meet the challenge?

SpeakersNet delivers the speakers you need to meet the rising expectations of your members, while keeping your budget on target. SNet is a dynamic network of Baltimore/Washington area business and community leaders who are on the front lines of economic success. This network includes a powerful line-up of the nation's top speakers, industry experts, business executives, and media personalities. These speakers represent our region's greatest capital asset: knowledge resources. They know the issues, they have faced the challenges, and they want to share their experieces. SNet speakers deliver practical and insightful solutions to the most pressing issues on the minds of today's business leaders. Audiences will come away from your program with information they can use immediately, with lasting benefit.

SNet speakers are cataloged and hand-picked to provide lively and insightful industry-specific presentations in any format, including keynote presentations, breakout-sessions, panel discussions, workshops, and training events.

SpeakersNet gives you access to the area's best talent, which allows you to get maximum impact from your program budget. Leverage your decision to host your next meeting in the Baltimore/Washington area, and make yours a 'Smart' meeting!